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A program that brings together political science, economics, statistics, management, and other social science disciplines enabling students to shape policies and programs around the globe. It is designed to provide students with a strong analytical foundation, applicable to a wide variety of policy issues. Students gain the knowledge, skills, and practical experience to become leaders in the non-profit, public, or private sector while creating meaningful social change.

Graduates of this program will be prepared for careers as policy, research, program or budget analysts in federal, state or local government or in non-profit or private organisations. They can also work as program managers, city or town administrators, or as directors of or managers in non-profit organisations. The U.S. Federal Government allows regular post-completion OPT (12 months) to the students graduating from this program.



Director, School of Public Policy at UMass Amherst

“This program balances academic theory with professional skills development and practical experience, preparing students to become leaders in government, nonprofits, or the private sector. The scholars who join us through our partnership with LSEF will add to the cultural and intellectual diversity of our vibrant campus. We’re excited to welcome them to our supportive living and learning environment and help prepare them for future success.”

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