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An interdisciplinary program, oriented towards students who are focused on pursuing or advancing careers that rely heavily on framing, developing, and presenting data for evidence-based decision-making and communication or regularly interacting with computer scientists and other technical experts in fields such as political analysis, marketing analysis, financial analysis, product or project management, demographic analysis, social media analysis, strategic communication, and reputation management.

A graduate of this program will have developed skills relating to data-driven decision-making, manipulating and analyzing large datasets, ethical data management, evaluative data interpretation, and clear communication of data results. Possible career trajectories include analyst and consulting positions in public policy, market research, public relations, corporate communications, population studies, and survey research.


The U.S. Federal Government's STEM OPT program will allow international students to work in the U.S. for up to 36 months after graduating from this program.



Program Director

“The MS in Data Analytics program at U Mass Amherst leverages the widely known reputation of UMass Amherst faculty in data analytics, computer science and the Computational Social Science Initiative (CSSI), and is geared towards recent college graduates as well as professionals seeking to advance careers”.

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